Some Powerful Lines.
1. Don’t fear the enemy that attacks you, but the false friend that hugs you. Careful who you trust don’t be naive.
2. Respect peoples feelings. Even if it doesn’t mean anything to you, it could mean everything to them.
3. Human beings are very strange. They have ego of their knowledge but, they don’t have knowledge of their ego.
4. Love the one who understands your tears, not the one who creates them.
5. Don’t loose hope. You don’t know what tomorrow brings.
6. People say: never expect anything in return from anyone but the truth is when we really LOVE someone, we naturally EXPECT a little care from them.
7. It is not length of life, but depth of life. Everybody dies, but not everybody lives.
8. May be it’s true, may be we dont know what we have untill we have lost it. But may be it’s also true that we don’t know what we are missing until we find it.


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