How to Download Jar Files using Opera Mini 4.2 (or even Opmin5)
Hi guys.We all know that JAR files cant be downloaded directly on Opera Mini. In Opmin4.2 the save option disappears and were left with Open which opens the jar link in the default browser. Same with Opmin5 which automatically closes our Opmini’s. So we are doomed with tedious tasks of zipping it online or using other browsers/downloaders, that’s a waste of time! But not until now.Some of you might not know this.
Get the Link
When you are on the page like this,get the link of the jar file. Copy it.Go to t9space
Here goes the magic or whatsoever. Go to t9space.com and paste the url on the box and then press
GO.Then DL it!
The save option will now be present. Proceed on downloading by selecting SAVE.
How did that happened? Cool!
dont know but the url turns to this. It might be that Opera Mini sees the file as not a jar file. And that’s awesome!

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