Hello Guyz�.
New tutorial on how an IP can change into loads of gprs tricks�..
Well, the title says it all so lets start�.
1st find the IP working for you for free�
After that this methods can be applied to that particular IP for free gprs�

Front query:
Well it抯 easy to make a fq of an ip
So here抯 a list of fq抯
1.) gi-bin/nph-get.cgi /000000A/http/
2.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000100A/http/
3.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000110A/http/
4.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000110A/http/
5.) gi-bin/nph-get.cgi /000000A/http/
6.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000110A/http/
7.) i-bin/nph-proxy.cgi /010100A/http
8.) /nph-proxy.cgi /000100A/http/
9.) -index.php/000000A /http/
10.) gi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi /000100A/http/
12.) bin/badfirewall.cgi /010110A/http/
13.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000000A/http/
14.) cgi-bin/nph- proxy.cgi/000100A /http/
15.) bin/nph-get.cgi /000000A/http/
16.) gi-bin/nph- anongoogle.cgi /000010A/http/
Also you can add fq like thisip@(for example:


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