Series: Respect Part II

Just a broken person... welocme 🥀

quote respectStory 1:

She was sitting with her daughter on a very comfortable seat in plane. All three places belonged to her. They flew many times, so it was Routine for them.

Though, she didn’t feel well as she suffered some health issues, after she had taken some painkillers, finally she fell asleep.

…A man came, he took the seat next to her without asking them. She felt that someone was pressing on her back, when she recognized him, she immediately sat up.

…Despite the man ate his meal like an animal (literally) she tried to ignore him, by concentrating on her daughter. His elbow touched hers by accident, than his leg touched hers -by accident. His fingers touched her leg -by accident? She changed place with her daughter. He placed back his seat, and fell into a deep sleep. It smelled like rubbish, what was this sent? Finally she saw…

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