You failed? So what?

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Failure is a very negative word. It should never be used to address a person.

When a student fails a grade in school the teachers used to call him/her “a failure”. How can you be so cruel and call someone a failure?That is downright cruel!

As you grow older you realize that failure is something each of us have to deal with, be it in business, in an exam or in life in general.

Failure teaches us so much. It makes us realize how strong we are. It makes us cope with our sadness because we know that there is no other option than to stand up each time we’ve fallen.

Giving up is easy. But you have already put in so much of hard work to reach where you are now.

Strive harder. Work your a** off. Struggle. Hustle. And don’t worry there will be a light at…

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7 thoughts on “You failed? So what?

  1. I’m a softball coach so I always tell my girls they will never get better if they don’t make errors as that’s the only way they will learn what is their weakness and work on it. I tell them to don’t put their head down when they make an error. Errors are part of life. I tell them next time you make an error just smile as you just found a weakness in yourself that you’re just to improve to make you that much better. Sorry for the long rant. Awesome post!

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