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Abu Dawood(Wills (Kitab Al-Wasaya) – 16)

Narrated Buraidah, A woman came to the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) and said: I donated my slave-girl to my mother, but she died and left the slave-girl. He said: Your reward became due, and she came back to you in inheritance. She said: She died while a month’s fasting was due from her. Would it be sufficient or be taken as completed if I fast on her behalf ? He said: Yes. She said: She also did not perform Hajj. Would it be sufficient or be taken completed if I perform (Hajj) on her behalf ? He said: Yes.

Happy man

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Happy the man, whose wish and care

A few paternal acres bound,

Content to breathe his native air

In his own ground,

Whose herds with milk, whose fields with bread,

Whose flocks supply him with attire;

Whose trees in summer yield him ahade,

In winter fire,

Blest, who can unconcernedly find

Hours, days, and years slide soft away

In health of body, peace of mind,

Quiet by day,

Sound sleep by night; study and ease

Together mix’d; sweet resreation,

And innocence, Which most does please

With meditation.

Thus let me live unseen, unknown;

Thus unlamentes let me die;

Steal from the world, and not a stone

Where I lie.

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