‘Dowry helps ugly girls get married’: The horrifying contents of sociology notes at a top Bengaluru college

“The marriage of ugly girls, who otherwise would have gone without a partner, is made possible by offering (a) heavy amount of dowry.”

Supporters of dowry think it provides this important advantage, says the author who penned the words above. And believe it or not, the page that contains them was photocopied and distributed to undergraduates at a top Bengaluru college.



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The Power of Hashtag.

Author: Sadaf Siddiqi

Over the years, hashtags have become a very popular trend on social media especially on twitter, instagram and also on facebook. Though people use it to flaunt a “cool” factor but in reality, the idea of hashtags actually began to highlight an important cause or an event demanding immediate attention.

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a written phrase that is preceeded by the symbol # and which is not followed by any space, punctuation mark or any kind of special character. The interesting part of hashtag lies in its eye-catchy themes.

images (2)A hashtag is a unique way of supporting a cause, taking a pledge or taking a stand for a right cause or creating a trend. People use the keywords of the theme with a hashtag. If one enters the theme on a search engine- in one go, it shows a list of people who’ve used it.


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