Snow in Kashmir 2019

Snow in Kashmir

Sahih Bukhari(Limits and Punishments set by Allah (Hudood) – 31)

Narrated Ubada bin As-Samit, I gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet (pbuh) with a group of people, and he said, “I take your pledge that you will not worship anything besides Allah, will not steal, will not commit infanticide, will not slander others by forging false statements and spreading it, and will not disobey me in anything good. And whoever among you fulfill all these (obligations of the pledge), his reward is with Allah. And whoever commits any of the above crimes and receives his legal punishment in this world, that will be his expiation and purification. But if Allah screens his sin, it will be up to Allah, Who will either punish or forgive him according to His wish.” Abu `Abdullah said: “If a thief repents after his hand has been cut off, the his witness well be accepted. Similarly, if any person upon whom any legal punishment has been inflicted, repents, his witness will be accepted.”

Oh Allah, if there is hatred in our hearts, change it to love


Don’t dream about Success Seek it in FAJR


Snow covered Mountains

Jamiat Tirmidhi(The Book on the Description of Hellfire – 37)

Harithah bin Wahb Al-Khuzai narrated that the Messenger Of Allah (s.a.w) said “Should I not inform you about the people of Paradise: They are every humble and weak person, who if he were to make an Oath by Allah, He would fulfill it. Should I not inform you about the people of the Fire: They are every prideful swaggering ill-speaking person.” (Sahih)

Ibn Majah(The Chapters Regarding Zakat – 57)

Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said: “Whoever begs from people so as to accumulate more riches, he is asking for alive coal from hell, so let him ask for a lot or a little.” (Sahih)

Riyad us Saliheen(The Book of Miscellany – 76)

Ibn ‘Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them) said: When (Prophet) Ibrahim (Abraham) was thrown into the fire, he said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and, He is the Best Disposer of affairs.” So did Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) when he was told: “A great army of the pagans had gathered against him, so fear them”. But this (warning) only increased him and the Muslims in Faith and they said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)”.[Al-Bukhari].

Diminishing Cultural Pluralism

By : Zeenat Manzoor Mughal

Cultural pluralism is one among the beautiful attributes that leads to promotion of coordinated and harmonious relationship among the people. And it is this relation that contributes to love , peace and harmony. Cultural pluralism helps to preserve the unique traditions, identities and languages of the many cultures within a society ,making it culturally pluralistic that results into greater tolerance , less prejudice and discrimination – the characteristic of successful society and nation. Previously, we would take pride of being rich in culture, however; with growing materialism our outlook has changed. Anti-cultural people can be found harbouring viceseral prejudice against other communities. But, when a teacher – the builder of nation engages into this venomous bias, it obviously startles .
Few days back I was on my internship . I chose a place far away from my home. Actually I desired to meet new people and was quite eager to know new things about their livelihood besides getting a new atmosphere to enjoy my internship . I was very excited to have an advanced experience. I packed my bag and left home early in the morning of 13th September. On the day Ist, I was there in dardsun Kupwara – this place was completely unknown to me. The place was not so beautiful as compared to other places I had visited before. People around me were completely unfamiliar to me. Since I belonged to other community that was the reason I was not feeling comfortable with them. Different questions were posed to me, which I managed to answer very frankly. Next day i joined school, things were normal. I cherished every moment with friends , students and all others .But things abruptly changed for me as I found myself befuddled with new experiences. After attending the class on Friday 14 september I was sitting in the office with other staff members, a discussion was going on over teaching profession and challenges faced by teacher . While i was putting my views forward , a teacher passed comments , sounding very unpleasant ,as if he was insulting me. Things went out of control , when I heard some rude remarks pertaining to my dressing, even though I was dressed modestly and properly . For a ample time I couldn’t understand why I am facing such obnoxious moment ? . I evaded the moment by holding my nerves, but upcoming days brought more agony and afflictions with them . I became a central point of discussion thereafter , my community ,my language , my dress code became topic of debate in the school giving me most hurtful experiences of my life . I began to contemplate about myself , about my community , about my culture and even about my fate . I was feeling as if I had made a mistake by comming to this world through my community . I got feelings that I have perhaps committed an offence and for that I am paying .
As I was not staying with my family rather at friends home , each day and night that I spent there turned out source of inconvenience for me. I was literally depressed.
I was feeling foggy about what to do and what not to do? . I was following the dress code suitable to school environment , there was nothing wrong as far as my conduct was concerned ,but i was the only trainee , subjected to sort of mental torture. Still i tried my level best to take corrective measure in ensuring my modesty which I priortize more in my life and maintain my behaviour. However, all in vain.
Lastly, what I realised is that there was existing a prejudice against me, my ethnicity and my culture, which totally discouraged me. At the first I could not believe is this our Kashmir , where we make loud claims of Kashmiriyat . But later my concious and conscience spoke to me; yes it’s Kashmir where people are characterized by Kashmiriyat , no doubt. Nevertheless, people with filthy mindset are still existing here.
There would be many other girls , silently bearing tormenting approach and struggling to maintain their reputation among others, but I prefered to put this harsh treatment that it faced into my words to make it clear that materialistic progress is not worthwhile unless we won’t develop our ideas and perspectives . Importantly, we can’t flourish unless we would water the roots of social fabric by embracing all the people irrespective of caste, creed , religion and ethinicity . As our progress lies in plurality.

Source: Dimnishing Cultural Pluralism