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Sahih Bukhari(Medicine – 89)

Sahih Bukhari (Medicine – 89)

Narrated Abu Huraira, When Khaibar was conquered, Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) was presented with a poisoned (roasted) sheep. Allah’s Apostle said, “Collect for me all the Jews present in this area.” (When they were gathered) Allah’s Apostle said to them, “I am going to ask you about something; will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes, O Abal-Qasim!” Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said to them, “Who is your father?” They said, “Our father is so-and-so.” Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said, “You have told a lie. for your father is so-and-so,” They said, “No doubt, you have said the truth and done the correct thing.” He again said to them, “If I ask you about something; will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes, O Abal-Qasim! And if we should tell a lie you will know it as you have known it regarding our father,” Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) then asked, “Who are the people of the (Hell) Fire?” They replied, “We will remain in the (Hell) Fire for a while and then you (Muslims) will replace us in it” Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) said to them. ”You will abide in it with ignominy. By Allah, we shall never replace you in it at all.” Then he asked them again, “If I ask you something, will you tell me the truth?” They replied, “Yes.” He asked. “Have you put the poison in this roasted sheep?” They replied, “Yes,” He asked, “What made you do that?” They replied, “We intended to learn if you were a liar in which case we would be relieved from you, and if you were a prophet then it would not harm you.”

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Mutual repudiation. A Quranic institution governing cases in which a husband accuses his wife of adultery without supplying witnesses. Quran 24:6–9 explicitly instructs the husband to swear four times that his accusation is true, followed by a fifth oath in which he invokes the wrath of God upon himself if he is lying. The wife may then neutralize this claim by responding with four oaths of her own, the fifth of which calls upon her the wrath of God if her husband is telling the truth. If she refuses to take the oath, she is presumed guilty and subject to the punishment for adultery. If she takes the oath, she is declared innocent and permanently divorced from her husband. Her husband, in turn, forfeits any paternity claims over children born subsequent to their sworn oaths.


​Sahih Bukhari (Divorce – 95)
Narrated Ibn `Umar, The Prophet (pbuh) said to those who were involved in a case of Lian, “Your accounts are with Allah. One of you two is a liar. You (husband) have right on her (wife).” The husband said, “My money, O Allah’s Apostle!” The Prophet (pbuh) said, “You are not entitled to take back any money. If you have told the truth, the Mahr that you paid, was for having sexual relations with her lawfully; and if you are a liar, then you are less entitled to get it back.”