An Nasai(The Book of the Prayer for the Two ‘Eids – 20)

It was narrated that Jabir said “I attended the prayer with the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) on the day of ‘Eid. He started with the prayer before the Khutbah, with no Adhan and no Iqamah. When he finished the prayer, he stood leaning on Bilal, and he praised and glorified Allah (SWT) and exhorted the people, reminding them and urging them to obey Allah (SWT). Then he moved away and went to the women, and Bilal was with him. He commanded them to fear Allah (SWT) and exhorted them and reminded them. He praised and glorified Allah, then he urged them to obey Allah, then he said: ‘Give charity, for most of you are the fuel of Hell.’ A lowly woman with dark cheeks said: ‘Why, O Messenger of Allah?’ He said: ‘You complain a great deal and are ungrateful to your husbands.’ They started taking off their necklaces, earrings and rings, throwing them into Bilal’s garment, giving them in charity.” (Sahih)

Sunday 09 July, 2017

Had fun with my boy Goldy and other two last Sunday at GuLmArG and Baba Reshi. Except Gondola was offline.

Met with old classmates at Baba Reshi after long long time.

And the next three days… 

Children’s Park

Strawberry Valley

Way to Baba Reshi

Wildlife Sanctuary, Baba Reshi

Baba Reshi 

Baba Payam ud Din Reshi (RA)

​Sahih Bukhari (Call to Prayers (Adhaan) – 226) Seek refuge from Debt

Narrated <b>Aisha</b>, (the wife of the <b>Prophet</b>) <b>Allah</b>'s <b>Messenger</b> (<i>pbuh</i>) used to invoke Allah in the prayer saying "Allahumma inni audhu bika min adhabi l-qabr, wa audhu bika min fitnati l-masihi d-dajjal, wa audhu bika min fitnati l-mahya wa fitnati l-mamat. Allahumma inni audhu bika mina l-ma’thami wa l-maghram. (O Allah, I seek refuge with You from the punishment of the grave, from the afflictions of the imposter- Messiah, and from the afflictions of life and death. O Allah, I seek refuge with You from sins and from debt).” Somebody said to him, “Why do you so frequently seek refuge with Allah from being in debt?” The Prophet (pbuh) replied, “A person in debt tells lies whenever he speaks, and breaks promises whenever he makes (them).” `Aisha also narrated: I heard Allah‘s Messenger (pbuh) in his prayer seeking refuge with Allah from the afflictions of Ad-Dajjal.

​An Nasai (The Book of Seeking Refuge with Allah – 50)

It was narrated that ‘Aishah said “The Messenger of Allah [SAW] used to say: ‘Allahumma inni a’udhu bika min ‘adhabil-qabri, wa fitnatin-nar, wa fitnatil-qabr, wa ‘adhabil-qabr, wa sharri fitnati masihid-dajjali wa sharri fitnatil-ghana’, wa sharri fitnatil-faqri. Allahummaghsil khatayaya kama naqqaitath-thawbal-abyada minad-danas. Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal-kasali walharami wal-maghrami wal-ma’tham (O Allah, I seek refuge with You from the torment of the grave, the tribulation of the Fire, the tribulation of the grave and the torment of the grave, the evil of the tribulation of Masihid-Dajjal, the evil of the tribulation of richness and the evil of the tribulation of poverty. O Allah, wash away my sins with water of snow and hail, and cleanse my heart of sin as a white garment is cleansed of filth. O Allah, I seek refuge with You from laziness, old age, debt and sin.)'” (Sahih)