Women Power


Be intolerant, impatient, yell at the norms.

Once, you encounter invalid psychological abuse. Defeat them by the power of your morals and those who opt for bullying shut them up in their own way.

Let you not tolerate the shit of rationally immature minds…

#BE A REBEL .. Slap harder to bang their dead conscience.. Dont be soft, feminine n sentimental in these matters. Stop being emotional fools! Show them their moral standard n etiquette level. …#workplacequeries #Strongwomen ##breakingstereotypes

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Sunday 09 July, 2017

Had fun with my boy Goldy and other two last Sunday at GuLmArG and Baba Reshi. Except Gondola was offline.

Met with old classmates at Baba Reshi after long long time.

And the next three days… 

Children’s Park

Strawberry Valley

Way to Baba Reshi

Wildlife Sanctuary, Baba Reshi

Expecting Woman Shifted from LD to SHMS,Used as Specimen for PG-Students


Darbar Move Jammu to Srinagar

Move Offices will reopen today at Srinagar after 6 months.